How to Raise a Support Ticket

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This article explains how to use the Support Portal to check existing  tickets or create a new ticket to ask us questions about using our systems, or notify us of issues you're experiencing.

What is a Support Ticket

The term 'Support Ticket' describes the interaction between you, (A Current Volunteer or a member of the General Public and our IT Department. It’s allows us to to create, update and hopefully resolve any problems that your end users might have. Likewise, Our Servicedesk allows us, to manage and maintain a list of common problems or questions that you may be having.

Contacting The Servicedesk

There are 3 ways you can contact the IT Servicedesk:

The Servicedesk is manned between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, but tickets can be submitted via the portal or via email, 24 hours a day. In the event of an IT Emergency, during or out of office hours, please follow up your ticket to the Servicedesk: 01606 339915 (Ext. 31008)

Before you raise a ticket, please check our Knowlegebase for anwsers to frequent IT Related issues. To do this, click the "Solutions" icon, on the main Portal Page. If you cannot find an anwser to your issue, please raise a ticket.

On the main Portal Page, click Submit an incident.

Fill in the form, as above, making sure you select the relivent department, catogory, subcagory and Item. (If appropriate) Next add your message. This should give a breif but thorough explination of the problem, including what you were doing at the time the problem arsose, what you have done to try and resolve the issue and any other information that will help us troubleshoot the issue. (Support Department only)

You can also upload an attachment, if appropriate to the issue you are experiencing. (Such as log files etc) This may help us better diagnose and resolve the issue(s) you are experiencing. (See this Knowlegebase Article, for information on how to do this)

When you are done, complete the Catcha Image Verification and hit Submit.

If you are raising an EMERGENCY Support Ticket, please follow up your ticket with a phone call to the Serviedesk: 01606 339915 ext: 31008.

Review and Reply to Existing Tickets

Click Login at the top of the main Servicedesk Homepage. You can either login with your Username email address and password. 

If you do not know your password, click 'forgot password?', to reset it.

Once logged in, click View Incidents. This will give you a list of currently open tickets. You can use the buttons at the top, to see unsesolved or resolved tickets and or filter your tickets. To view a ticket, click on the ticket you wish to work with.

From here, you will be able to see the ticket information, (Such as the Catogory, Sub Catogory, Item, Priority,(See our Priorities and Resolution Times) who the ticket is assigned to etc) You can use the reply button to reply to the message that was was sent by the technician assigned to your ticket, or if you feel the issue has been resolved, you can hit the close incident button. Once set as closed, your ticket will now show up under the resolved ticket tab, on the view ticket window. 


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